Bois Forte Housing Department - Nett Lake, MN

Bois Forte Housing Department

5344 Lakeshore Drive Nett Lake, MN 55772

Phone: 218-757-3253

Fax: 218-757-3254

Our Team at Bois Forte Housing Department

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Gordy Adams Jr.

Housing Director

218-757-3253 x231

Kathleen "Patsy" Adams

Administrative Assistant

218-757-3253 x206

Lela Goodsky

Admissions & Occupancy Coordinator

218-757-3253 x233

Warren Villebrun

Maintenance Supervisor

Work Cell: 218-410-6581

Edward Isham

Maintenance Technician

Work Cell: 218-404-6224

Vernon Connor

Elder Program Maintenance Technician



Brian Moyer

Maintenance Technician (Vermilion)

Work Cell: 218-404-3028

Guy Ragsdale

Maintenance Technician

Work Cell: 218-404-5685

Pete Boney

Maintenance Technician (Vermilion)

Work Cell: 218-410-4402

Marlene Spears

Maintenance Technician

Work Cell: 218-404-5663

If you are calling work cell phones after regular business hours,

please use your discretion and only do so in the case of an emergency. Thank you.

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Bois Forte Housing Department

Phone  218.757.3253  |  Fax  218.757.3254 |  Address 5344 Lakeshore Drive Nett Lake, MN 55772


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